300zx hp

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Jonathan Winters and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf may be the sort of look-alikes you'll find in Spy magazine's "Separated at Birth? Consider: the Nissan ZX Turbo is powered by a twin-turbocharged and intercooled, valve 3. The ZX Turbo comes with anti-lock brakes and four-wheel steering. The Stealth comes with anti-lock brakes and four-wheel steering.

The Z sports a two-mode suspension that is controlled by a switch in the cockpit. The Stealth does too. The Z flaunts arresting bodywork and a handsome, luxurious interior—complete with driver-side air bag.

Ditto for the Stealth. The Z can top mph with ease. The Stealth? Take a wild guess. When two cars with such comparable qualifications shoulder into the same market niche, the clock inevitably strikes "High Noon.

Though not even two years old, the ZX Turbo is already the established top gun in the sports-coupe class. Incidentally, though the Dodge and the Mitsubishi are essentially the same car, we opted to include the Dodge in this test because, well, everybody seems to respect the name "Stealth" nowadays.

Our evaluations began with a two-day road drive. We rounded up four editors and once again journeyed south from our Ann Arbor headquarters to the clear country highways and tricky switchbacks of central Ohio. Below Bowling Green, we barreled along barren back roads through Bascom and Brokensword and Bucyrus and Butler, breaking only for a breather and burgers in Bellville. But by and by, as bed beckoned, this bounty of Bs became boring.

And so we went to Mansfield. Lucky visitors to this slumbering metropolis near Mid-Ohio racetrack are hereby advised to dine at the creaky Oak Park Tavern, nestled in the woods just down the road a piece.Nissan should rename itself "the Phoenix Motor Corporation.

Consider the sleek new SX, the rejuvenated Maxima, the daring Axxess minivan-all proof of Nissan's newfound talent and awareness. Or scan these pages and drink in the most convincing evidence of all: the breathtaking, all-new ZX. This is not the flabby, disco-poseur's ZX of old.

1984 - 1989 Nissan Z-Car

That tawdry beast is gone, laid to rest in a special graveyard reserved for stretch slacks, musk colognes, and slap-on chest hair. In its place is a car created by designers who understand design, engineers who grasp the needs and wants of enthusiasts, and-perhaps most important management with the guts and the savvy not to stand in the way of its creative corps.

New from the ground up, the new ZX is, quite simply, one of the most alluring cars to appear on the U. But that's obvious, isn't it?

Let your eyes wander over the Z's sensuous form for a moment. The shape is lean, low, and provocative-and, unlike the previous edition, it's restrained and sophisticated. This is not a flashy, boy racer's strutmobile. Some viewers say the nose which houses new flush headlights instead of the old model's pop-up units looks heavy, and others find the overall shape derivative and unoriginal.

Performance Engine Parts

But we aren't among the naysayers. The new ZX is stunning in the metal, a beautiful and exciting car that looks exotic without being quirky. That Nissan designed the car entirely in-house is further proof that it is a company with the resources and audacity to push bold programs into production.

At present, Nissan offers the new Z only in normally aspirated form; a twin-turbo version will appear this fall. Two body styles are available: the two-seater pictured here and a slightly longer two-plus-two. Both are shorter, wider, and lower than their respective predecessors. And both body styles are available in the U. The Z's T-roof is one of the best we've ever encountered-tight, leak-free, and easy to remove-but we're still bewildered and bothered by Nissan's decision not to offer the even-more-solid japanese-market fixed-roof coupe in the States.

Under the new Z's T-roof glass sits perhaps the most beautiful and efficient cockpit in the sports-car kingdom.Reviews Pictures Features Specs 3 trims already selected. Major Features All Features. Hide Details Show Details. Body Style Hatchback. Engine 3. Seating 2. Drivetrain RWD. The GS hatchback sat two people, the driver and one passenger.

All trims were similarly equipped, coming with power windows and doors and air conditioning.

300zx hp

The principle difference amon Read More. The principle difference among the trims was the seating configuration and the engine. The GS came with a 3. Many claim the car is perfect, citing the car's looks, powerful engine, reliability, and t-top as their favorite features.

The only real complaint is that parts can be expensive, and performance parts are either very pricey or impossible to find. No additional major features. Seating 4. All trims were similarly equipped, coming with power windows and doors and air conditi Owners say it is a head-turner and fun to drive, with a comfortable, luxurious interior and supportive seats. Some do complain about the small size of the back seat, but admit that, after all, it is a sports car.

The turbo version of the Nissan ZX was released late in the model year. It was identical to the other trims in terms of features and appearance, but it had a 3. Drivers love their ZX turbos. They say they love how fast it goes, the classic Z styling, the solid construction, and reliability. The car is very popular for modifications, with many owners adding after market parts that increase the horsepower even more.

Many driver do wish for more appropriate tires, and some have found that the brakes are not strong enough. Nissan ZX Links. Other Years. Nissan ZX For Sale. Select Year Front air conditioning. Steering wheel trim: leather. Limited slip differential: rear.

Front Air Dam.The Nissan ZX is a sports car in the Nissan Z-car family that was produced across two similar but unique generations. As with all other versions of the Z, the ZX was sold within the Japanese domestic market under the name Fairlady Z. It was sold in Japan from to and in the United States from tothe ZX name followed the numerical convention initiated with the original Z car, the Nissan S30which was marketed in the U. The addition of the "X" to the car's name was a carryover from its predecessor, the ZXto signify the presence of more luxury and comfort oriented features.

The first generation ZX known as the Z31 model was produced from through and was a sales success becoming the highest volume Z-car for Nissan. To become even more competitive in the sports car market, the second generation "Z32" was driven up-market. It was redesigned to be faster and feature more advanced technology, but came with a higher price than its predecessor, with consecutive price increases each model year of availability.

As such, sales dwindled each year, a trend in the higher end sports car market at the time, and Nissan placed a hiatus on selling new Nissan Z-Car's to the US after the model year, though the car would continue to be sold in the Japan domestic market until in low production numbers. Car and Driver placed the Z32 on its Ten Best list for seven consecutive years, each model year of its availability in the United States. Motor Trend awarded it as the Import Car of the Year.

The ZX, as its predecessors, was known as a Nissan in other parts of the world. This continued in the U. Designed by Kazumasu Takagi and his team of developers, the ZX improved aerodynamics and increased power when compared to its predecessor, the ZX.

The newer Z-car had a drag coefficient of 0. According to Nissanthe new V6 engine was intended to uphold the sporty, six-cylinder spirit of the original Fairlady Zbut in a more compact and efficient package. The Z31 generation featured five engine options.

A turbocharged dual overhead cam 2. The Z31 had electronic fuel injection EFIand was rear wheel drive. The Z31 was available in either left or right hand drive. Two Special Edition versions of the Z31 generation model were produced; a 50th Anniversary Edition celebrated the company's semi-centennial in and offered additional luxury features, and a "Shiro Special", released four years later, with performance-oriented upgrades.

The ZR was the last Z-car to feature a factory-installed inline six. The engine was either a type A or type B sub-designation from to Marchwhile models from April to had a W sub-designation. The W-series engines featured redesigned water jackets for additional cooling, and fully floating piston wrist pins.

The to turbo models featured a Garrett T3 turbocharger with a 7.Reviews Pictures Features Specs 3 trims already selected. Major Features All Features. Hide Details Show Details. Body Style Hatchback. Engine 3.

The Story Behind The Z1 1000HP Widebody 300ZX

Seating 2. Drivetrain RWD. The standard model of the Nissan ZX was the most basic model, coming available only as a five speed and without a T-bar roof. It came with a 3. Read More.

300zx hp

They say the handling is excellent, the engine has just the right amount of pep, and the styling turns heads even today. Owners do caution that they need to be babied, and repairs and maintenance can be costly. However, most say the ZX is worth it. No additional major features. Seating 4. The engine was a 3. Some say the backseat is really too small for most adults, and some caution that repairs can be very expensive. The turbo model of the Nissan ZX was the most powerful of the bunch, coming equipped with a 3.

It also came with a variety of amenities, including It also came with a variety of amenities, including a CD player. The Nissan ZX turbo is the most sought-after of that model because of its powerful engine. Drivers also love the classic Z-car looks and well-designed interior. Repairs are extremely expensive so most drivers choose to baby their Zs, but they usually contend it is worth it.

Nissan ZX Links. Other Years. Nissan ZX For Sale. Select Year Front air conditioning: automatic climate control. Steering wheel trim: leather. Limited slip differential: rear. Front Air Dam. Exterior mirrors: powerheated. Rear spoiler. Front fog lights.The history of Nissan Z-Cars begins in with the introduction of the Z, the first model from the first series. The second series, the ZX was unveiled in The third generation or the ZX was completely redesigned and used a more powerful engine than the previous series: a 3.

The third generation Z-Cars was designed by Kazumasa Takagi. The ZX featured a new design: pronounced wedge shape with distinctive pop-up headlights that seemed to peep out from slots in the chiseled nose when they were down; and the turbo models had a distinctive scoop along the left side of their hoods.

300zx hp

The ZX was built on the same chassis as the ZX: with a too-soft trailing arm rear suspension, mushy MacPherson struts up front and the same But, compared to the ZX, the ZX accelerated and handled better. Under the hood you could see a new 3. The output was horsepower for the normally aspirated ones and a for the turbocharged ones. On the Japanese market, where the emission was not a problem, the engine of the ZX produced hp.

The ZX was offered with either five-speed manual transmission as standard, or four-speed manual transmission as an option. The ZX saw its first updates in The car featured now side skirts and rocker panel flares; the fiberglass spoiler was replaced with a durable plastic one.

Nissan also offered a new base model without T-tops. The ZX received its final makeover in The sealed beam style headlights were replaced with modern bulb based lights. The car now features: aerodynamic bumpers, fog lamps and a narrow set of tail lights. Also in were made a few updates to the engine that increased the output with 5 hp.

It was a turbocharged model offered with pearl white paint, stiffer springs and matched shocks, a unique front air dam, paint matched wheels, Recaro seats, and a viscous, limited-slip differential. In the production of the ZX Z1 was replaced with the Z The Z32 had the same engine as the Z31, this is why the name ZX was kept, but the chassis had several changes throughout its production run between and The ZX was the next step Nissan did to become one of the best sports car makers at the hour.

With a new design, the new Z-Cars series also had a better handle and acceleration than the previous ZX. It also remained a success model on both North American and Japanese market only in The ZX was offered for the first time with a V6 engine, with bigger output: to hp for the turbocharged versions, or even hp for the Japanese market.

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Nissan 300ZX Turbo vs. Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

Nissan ZX. What is the stock horsepower on a Nissan zx? Wiki User For the to zx model years: 1. The stock zx turbo came with horsepower from the factory. The non turbo only had Last time I checked I remember that it was about horsepower. Yes you can, however it is only a minimal difference in performance and is very costly!

There were 3, Nissan zx convertibles made. It is a v6. My Nissan is ait has bhp. However the latest Nissan z has a bit over bhp in stock. That's because it has a newr engine. It depends on the year.

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